1. vanessa
    August 21, 2015 @ 10:45 am

    I totally believe in reincarnation, I have had a cat come back to me years later in the form of another cat, looked different but same quirks and personality traits and when a kitten, ran up to me like he knew who I was and was wondering where I have been… just recently we lost our beautiful black Mainecoon mix Mufasa… to a racoon fight …. I had a pregnant rescue cat inside the house and she was not due for maybe another week or so, but she went into labor the day after we lost Mufasa, and had all girls except one fluffy black boy that looks exactly like Mufasa did when he was a kitten, only difference is he’s not a polydactyl like Mufasa was, the other weird similarities are his fluffy coat is not pure black, it’s got brown hues when in the sun ( like Mufasa ) as well as silver grey on the underbelly and behind his ears … Like Mufasa.. the most convincing evidence is the fact this little Kitten who we named Milo walked right up to my Husky Sasha … and acted like he knew her as well as she acted like she knew him too… Mufasa and Sasha were raised together and were very close, Sasha can be a bit rough with cats but always mothered Mufasa when he was a kitten, she was still a puppy but she treated him like her baby, she took one look at Milo and acted exactly the same to him like she did with Mufasa, which is totally not like her because he was the only cat she acted like that with, all other cats were either chased or scared of her from her overly aggressive rough play, I had other kittens around her and I would have to watch her to make sure she didn’t hurt them, but this new kitten Milo she just gently licks him and cleans him like he is her puppy… so I am very convinced my cat Mufasa came back to me the day after he died…..


    • Posted by Alexis Brooks
      August 21, 2015 @ 1:31 pm

      Thank you kindly Vanessa for sharing your personal account. Synchronistically I JUST posted an article describing how science is now claiming they have “evidence” for the reality of reincarnation. I think the true evidence will always lie in the experience of which you most certainly have had! What a blessing!

      Check out the article here: https://www.facebook.com/HigherJourneys/posts/1011296262235175


  2. Mike C.
    June 11, 2017 @ 9:24 am

    I am very glad to have found these enlightening posts regarding pet reincarnation, for I recently wondered if my family’s calico cat Missy (who recently passed) was the same soul of another calico cat named Abby that my family cared for exactly 30 years ago! The story of Alexis’ cats makes me think it’s very probable – wish I were actively intuitive/psychic to know for sure! In addition to the 30 year gap between the times we “adopted” both cats, to the times that we no longer were able to care for them, both cats came to us under similar circumstances, for with both, their owners severely neglected them, which my family could not bear to see. Both cats had similar friendly personalities, and both were significantly mistreated (again with exactly 30 years between events) by cat haters in their respective neighborhoods! Without getting too specific, I think there was a karmic factor with this reincarnation, one that I will classify as “unfinished business”, meaning my family had the opportunity to fulfill a responsibility to Missy that was not fulfilled (but should have been) with Abby, but thankfully this time we did fulfill that responsibility! Live and learn.


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