Is intuitive guidance the best kept secret?

In this 21st century, we still live in a world that counts practical, logical, rational thought as the only way to navigate life’s challenges, and yet, why is it that so many people are still unsatisfied with the direction their lives are going?

Are you at wits end with your career path? Are you in a relationship that’s not serving your greatest needs? Are you struggling to heal emotional, or even physical pain and you’ve tried all the conventional approaches?

It’s not meant to be that way!

I am here to show you that intuition is not a secret, not a gift that just some people have. I’m here to show you that intuition is real, that you have it, and most importantly how to recognize it and begin to put it to work for you right now!

I don’t call myself an “intuitive” although I absolutely utilize my own intuition in how to guide you in recognizing yours! I don’t call myself a “life coach.” I’m here to show you that you have an inner coach, an inner guide and all it needs is the opportunity to be heard.  But the key is in how your intuition communicates with you and how you can learn to act on it. Trust me, it’s different for everyone! That’s part of what I’m here to help you identify.

During our time together, I will work with you to uncover the uniqueness of your inner “communicator.” But it doesn’t just begin and end with what we typically recognize as our “sixth sense” or instinct. There are so many other paths it can travel: synchronicity, dreams, even physical sensations, just to name a few.  I will give you fun and creative exercises that are extremely effective in awakening your intuitive sense – some you may have never heard of before!

And here’s the key: There is no template, no manual, no class, that can fully acquaint you with your intuition. That’s the brilliance of intuition. It is uniquely suited to you.

Learn how to use creative imagination and improvisation to strengthen your intuitive muscle.

Try it now!


Session Length



You can also purchase bulk sessions for a longer and more involved program to help fully integrate intuition into your lifestyle. Please see bulk session options below.

Appointments are available over the phone or via Skype and on a limited basis, in-person. For more in-depth information on Intuitive Guidance Integration feel free to visit here.

Get a guidance package *recommended – to receive a discounted rate! Contact Alexis directly at to order.

Single Session (1 hour) – $95.00

Single Session (1 1/2 hours) – $140.00

Four Sessions (1 month/4 hours) – $350.00 ($380.00, if purchased separately)

Eight Sessions (2 months/8 hours) – ON SALE: $700.00 ($760.00 if purchased separatelyBest Value button


Twelve Sessions (3 months/12 hours) – $1,090.00 ($1,140.00, if purchased separately)

Twenty four Sessions (six months/24 hours) – $2,220.00 ($2,280.00, if purchased separately)

Forty eight Sessions (one year/48 hours) – $4,490.00 ($4,560.00, if purchased separately)

*It is suggested that you maintain a consistent plan with sessions, although when purchasing bulk sessions, times can be spread out according to your availability.

DAY LONG sessions can be arranged at the client’s request.  Day sessions are six hours with a flat fee of $550.00

*Prices are in U.S. dollars and are effective through December of 2015 and after that are subject to change.

After you have made your purchase, please contact Alexis at to schedule your appointment.

All sessions are recorded and will be provided to you in digital .mp3 format.  This is included in your session cost.  It is encouraged that you review each session periodically to stay in step. 

I look forward to our working together!

With love,